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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Storing medical images on the cloud & the PHR

In my last post I mentioned novel ways of using Personal Health Records will be devised and here is just one example - storing and sharing medical images on the cloud. When I first read this is sounded like they had created a kind of mirror of a PACS server so the patients can access their medical image, and this they called a "Personal Health Record"!  That would be novel, but I think I read the article too quickly.  What is interesting here, is the idea that (finally) the patient "owns" the image (but not the cloud?) and can have it uploaded to a personal health record.  The next great idea in phase III of this project will allow patients to consent to have the images used for clinical trial research - after de-identification.  Besides organ donation there really should be some sort of data donation system when we die.  Read it < here >