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Monday, May 14, 2012

ipod for seniors with dementia

I think this is a study that has merit. The benefits of music for developmental psychology in children is just being empirically researched, so why not in seniors, or seniors with dementia? http://www.cbc.ca/news/health/story/2012/05/11/nb-ipod-pilot-nursing-dementia.html?cmp=rss This article made me think of the music and the mind institute at McMaster University which has done a lot of research on the benefits for learning music at a young age. It also made me think of my own mother, who is in a nursing home, and also has developed forms of dementia. Unfortunately, she also has a hearing impairment. Music is a great "carrier-wave" of emotion. I have read the works of a great musician, psychologist, and philosopher from India, who maintained that music was the highest science. Wasn't physics supposed to be the king of the sciences, or was there ever an argument there to begin with?