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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Direct Project

Part of the talk I will give at the Advances in Health Informatics Conference at York University next month will refer to the work of the Direct Project. I heard about this from reading John Halamka's Geekdoctor blog post. I thought it was a very exciting prospect for pushing health information to the personal health record. Before I give my talk, I have to become more reacquainted with it, but it looks like most news on it is coming form a twitter stream. My talk will look at the system architecture of "tethered" personal health records, and so, here is an architectural picture of Direct Project. It is a proposed Health URL - once again - the idea seems to be to be a major advance to securely transport health information. I have as yet seen any sign of pilot projects underway in Canada, but I would be most interested in seeing one started.