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Monday, January 28, 2013

GeoCities is ReoCities?

In 1995 I was taking a career college diploma in Visual Basic/C Language programming wondering why we weren't learning HTML instead because something called the Internet was just starting to take off like crazy and soon websites (that require HTML to create) would be appearing all over the place. Well, it wasn't until about 3 years later when I was in South Korea teaching English as a Second Language did I finally find the time to learn HTML By that time everybody and his dog were starting to make websites.

The other day I did some google searching and actually found some of the first websites I had made. Let this be a lesson - everything posted on the internet lives forever, and Big Data has a long memory. I had thought GeoCities, the free website hosting service owned by Yahoo had disappeared into the trash heap of the WWW, but it has reappeared in the form of ReoCities. WTF is ReoCities?

Turns out ReoCities (RIP GeoCities) appears to be a sincere attempt to salvage the treasures that were Geocities, but sadly, much has been lost.

If you want to see the ridiculous website on Holistic Health in Canada (created in South Korea) here is the ReoCities link to it < Here >. Well, they say ex-pats  become the worst patriots or something like that. How best to observe and reflect on the doings one's fellow countrymen than from afar. And let that be an OM.