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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The UK's "How are you?" personal health record

I was actually able to create a personal health record on the UK's National Health Service because it is free, and because I was allowed to skip my NHS number. So far, I like what I see. It is kind of a Google Health for NHS, with an emphasis on social networking and mobility apps, by the look of it. I entered some basic information about health conditions and I am automatically provided with news updates and other information from the BMJ. The user interface is excellent. Of course, I am interested in their privacy and security policy, which is well documented. I would highly recommend anyone interested in personal health records to check this out. The demo version has feedback from an NHS doctor Lisa Cuddy, and it took me a moment to realize she was a character in the House TV series - the boss of Dr. House. Here is the link to register and use the service: https://en-gb.howareyou.com/ Here is a link to their security policy: https://en-gb.howareyou.com/secure-data.html. I also wonder how secure it will be when the system is used in China at Sina.com. And here is an article about how brilliant this application is. Now it only remains to be seen if the public will use it:



Cambridge Healthcare CEO and founder, Dawson King
Cambridge Healthcare in the UK has today launched a ground breaking new electronic health record, available free to NHS patients and health professionals.
How are you?is an electronic health record, ‘free to the NHS’ which stores patients’ health information securely ‘in the cloud.’
The revolutionary technology solution is available online to both patients and health professionals and enabling policy-makers, clinicians and managers.
The objective is to achieve closer integration of care within the NHS, improving quality of care for patients and reducing costs through the use of technology to support more joined-up and efficient services.
The initial development was undertaken working with the former NHS East of England to explore the potential of an online portal and framework for personalised health planning and supported self-care – to enable patients and clinicians to better organise, track, monitor, and act on health information.
Dawson King, CEO and founder of Cambridge Healthcare, who is also having a great start to 2013 – with a Fellowship at The Royal Society of Medicine and nominated for a WEGO Health Trailblazer Award for 'Health Activist who is ahead of every curve' – exclusively told Business Weekly: “In 2012 we invested more than a million pounds in designing a revolutionary new electronic health record that manages complexities in health informatics standards to allow health providers to overcome interoperability barriers and enable longitudinal patient data to be shared across primary, secondary and social care.
“In 2013, a year later we’re excited to launch the world’s first patient-held medical record that allow patients to record their health information using patient friendly clinical terms as a subset of SNOMED CT and other approved standard clinical terminologies. The use of this coded information supports recording in a consistent and transferrable way and can be used across all care settings and all clinical domains.
“Clinical data is now presented as interactive health information, allowing patients to understand and influence their healthcare as well as view historical and real-time health record events on an interactive timeline which uses a colour coding 'traffic light' approach to highlight level of biometric risk.
“User interface and experience has been central to the design process, with the record picking up three industry design awards in its first week, our new health record is innovative both in terms of its design and technology.”
Cambridge Healthcare’s service – free to the NHS and supported by commercial licensing of its technology to international governments and customers – has already enjoyed success in China with an exclusive licensing agreement that will see its technology adopted in China by the largest consumer website and brand, Sina.com, with more than 500 million registered users – more than a third of China’s population.
The landmark agreement for the UK company will allow Sina to integrate Cambridge Healthcare’s technology directly into its health channel.
Business Weekly understands that another major fundraising and another highly significant commercial deal could be next on the agenda for the startup.
• PHOTOGRAPH SHOWS: Cambridge Healthcare CEO and founder, Dawson King