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Friday, February 24, 2017

The myUHN Patient Portal - Infoway Award Winner

The myUHN patient portal has won a second place award from a Canada Health Infoway contest. Here is the presentation they gave:

Their infographic on the uptake of the portal is very impressive by the numbers - numbers which have been suggested as viable in research on patient portals (They didn't mention concern for the security of personal health information):

The pilot study is over and a full launch began January 30, 2017. It is expected that 250,000 patients will register for it in 2017! Very, very interesting that the portal is integrated into all stages of the clinical experience and by all personnel.

Based on my research on patient portals this looks to be the very promising. Sunnybrook Hospital myChart was also a great pioneer in this area and they have taken a page from their book. It also appears to be an ideal integration solution that I think would work best for a healthcare system.

But what about primary care? Is there an API for that? And why are family docs still so worried about liability or whatever for using a PHR?

Looking closer at myUHN it is very much just a portal or window on the hospital EHR, with a limited but very useful and important set of interaction tools. It is not a personal health record where one can self-report and journal one's health, as is the one developed by McMaster Family Medicine, now called KindredPHR.

If I get sick, I am going to Toronto and the UHN: