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Thursday, February 16, 2017

mbant2 clinical trial - a super duper fitbit?

I noticed on the Journal of Medical Internet Research that the mbant2 clinical trial is starting.

This is an ehealth cornerstone - evaluating the effectiveness of ehealth applications. mbant2 is a University of Toronto study, where Frederick Banting appropriately enough was one of the discovers of insulin.  I almost think the fitibt could help self-manage type 2 diabetes if there was also a way to measure glucose A1c levels. Apparently Medtronic is looking into exactly that.

No google contact lens yet for tears to detect blood sugar insulin. Guess they are still working on it. The email alerts I have been getting about always make it sound it is off in the future somewhere. It would be great to have pin-prickless procedures and devices. The research is very hard to make that work well.