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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tri-corder XPrize News from Canada

Recently there were some CBC news stories about a local company that has entered the Tricorder XPrize.  I have been blogging about this XPrize many times, and here is a link to the collected news stories from this blog <here>. I heard an interview on radio and picked-up the story on one of my voluminous RSS newsfeeds. I heard a joke the other day that Youtube, Twitter and Facebook will merge together as one company some day and it will be called YouTwitFace.

So, there actually is a website called YouTwitFace.com, and they had a story with eHealth relevance, called "Will Your Doctor Friend You Back on Facebook?

Here is the link to the  CBC news story about Biosign's entry into the XPrize:

Biosign is an interesting company and I once did a lot of research on it. They were developing a "pin-prickless" blood sugar reading device for diabetes. This is one of the holy grails of biomedical device research. Unfortunately, their "cuff" did not fully measure blood sugar levels accurately and never obtained FDA clearance, as far as I know. I still don't think there are any devices developed yet that are "pin-prickless", but it is a fascinating science, and well worth the time to look into the controversial developments, frustrations, and failures in this area.