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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tapestry: Enabling eHealth for the Elderly Through Community Volunteers

I have signed up as a volunteer with a McMaster Family Medicine program called Tapestry. The purpose of this clinical trial is exactly what I have been advocating for - enabling those who might benefit from using eHealth technology. The novel approach in this research is using community volunteers to do the leg work of bringing the personal health records to the elderly participants via health surveys on iPads which are linked to the patient's EMR.

I have my police check and am just waiting for the first meeting of volunteers for training. Will be paired with a partner. This is also a good opportunity for health science students to become engaged with community health and ehealth, as this article testifies < here >.

I am sure many elderly are savvy about technology, but it is towards the digital natives of the future that this evidence-based research will really provide important data. Looking forward.