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Thursday, September 13, 2012

McMaster Developed OSCAR/MyOSCAR Personal Health Record gets over 5 million from Federal Government

This story is the highlight of my year.  Not only is it another McMaster story, it is one involving the OSCAR EMR and the  MyOSCAR personal health record (PHR) that most M.Sc. eHealth students at McMaster know about.  I used MyOSCAR in an exercise to design a clinical trial for type II diabetes self-managment, a procurement solution for mobile eHealth (again with Diabetes in mind), and as an example of a tethered system.  Tethered no longer by the looks of it!  It looks like it will be developed for an integrated if not interoperable solution for the general public, instead of just the trial projects at Stonechurch Family Medicine in Hamilton, where the McMaster developers work.  Certainly, the clinical utility, effectiveness, etc. has been through many tests.  How exciting for McMaster, and for the general public, to have this service available for them.

This story is big ehealth news, in my mind, and here are some of the links to it, just to get started:

A) The story on the McMaster University Daily News.
B) The Hamilton Spectator.
C) The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (which provided funding)

From news source C) above:

The following is the complete list of partners in this project:
Private sector partners
Post-secondary institute partners
Not-for-profit research partners
  • NexJ Systems Inc.
  • OSCARService Inc.
  • PryLynx Corporation
  • Rogers Health Care
  • Research In Motion
  • Trivaris
  • Tyze Personal Networks
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (an affiliate of Harvard Medical School)
  • York University
  • McMaster University
  • Centennial College
  • George Brown College
  • Seneca College
  • Centre for Global eHealth Innovation (University Health Network)
  • North York General Hospital
  • Southlake Regional Health Centre
For more details on the project and its partners, please visit: www.chwp.org.