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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Say Hello to Empathetic Interfaces and Digital Humans

- reposted with permission of author

The very first trend introduced in my co-authored book, ePatient 2015: 15 Surprising Trends Changing Healthcare, was "Empathetic Interfaces."

Trend Overview: Empathetic Interfaces
Source: ePatient 2015

My co-author Rohit Bhargava and I, described this as how "artificial intelligence ... [is making] health technology go beyond the diagnostic to be more empathetic and responsive to emotional needs—in other words ... more human."

The inventive people at New Zealand's Soul Machines are taking empathetic interfaces to the next level. They have developed a cadre of 'Digital Humans' that utilize AI to engage in face-to-face conversations, spontaneously display emotion and much more. One of Soul Machine's Digital Humans is pictured below.

Soul Machine's Digital Human
According to Soul Machine, the possibilities for these virtual assistants are endless. One day they could play a significant role in treating a range of mental illnesses, including depression.

Next week, I'll take those attending future::present, my upcoming breakfast event, on a tour of the rapidly evolving and exciting world of health-focused artificial intelligence (including Digital Humans).

I'll discuss recent innovations, leading companies, investment activity and more. And, I'll be joined by Thomas Tsang, CEO of Valera Health who will discuss how AI is being put into practice today.

A great group of executives from leading health organizations, consultancies, innovation catalysts, entrepreneurs and others will be attending future::present. I hope you can join us for this live event in New York City next week. Click the button below (or here) to register.

See you there.
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