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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cristal-Net - Quebec's Province Wide EMR Solution

C'etait tres interesant pour moi d'apprend que "Cristal-Net" devoir la seule EHR dans la province de Quebec! La seule! It started as a home grown system at the University of Laval and their affiliated hospital. I think they also had help from a programming group from France. Makes a lot of sense to have french language programmers. I am all in favour of home grown systems.

It is remarkable that the Province of Quebec government was able to pass legislation making this Hospital EHR system the only one that will be used in all the hospitals in the province! How is that possible? This is a very interesting story, one that could probably never be played out in Ontario. I remember a few years back after an eHealth Ontario scandal when the McMaster OSCAR EMR was being offered as an open source solution for healthcare records at vastly lower costs.  Of course, business and project management interests seem to drive the EHR solution in Ontario more than the government regulated healthcare system. Quebec definitely has a different culture! Smaller countries like Denmark where able to achieve 100% EHR integration for all their citizens very early. By culture I mean "the way of doing things".


"Québec) Le gouvernement Couillard a finalement décidé qu'une seule solution informatique, Cristal-Net, sera déployée dans l'ensemble du territoire québécois pour la mise en oeuvre des fameux dossiers cliniques informatisés (DCI). Une nouvelle qui réjouit le directeur des technologies de l'information du CHU de Québec-Université Laval, Jean Boulanger, qui a permis à son établissement d'obtenir l'entièreté des droits de propriété intellectuelle du logiciel pour la province."

The story in English is best read here:
"QUEBEC CITY – Health Minister Gaétan Barrette (pictured) announced that Quebec will move toward the use of a single electronic health record system in hospitals across the province. The solution decided upon by the province is called Cristal-Net, and it has been in use at the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec – Université Laval since 2003.
“The decision to deploy a single solution for Electronic Medical Record is part of our efforts to standardize practices within our health and social services, clinically and financially and administratively,” said Barrette. “This will benefit clinicians and all users.”