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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Singularity University Future Med 2013 Autodesk Innovation Lab & Demos

I am just copying and pasting the whole page - endlessly interesting:

FutureMed has an Innovation Lab and Demonstration Room for participants and faculty speakers to use during the entire FutureMed program.

FutureMed 2013 Demos

Make rounds with the latest mobile telepresence robots from 9th Sense and AnyBots
Visualize realistic 3D anatomy with Anatomage’s amazingly interactive Virtual Dissection Table
Achieve better understanding of oral care behavior with BeamBrush, the world’s first app-connected toothbrush.
Experience the latest in high tech robotic surgery using the da Vinci Surgical System by Intuitive Surgical
Learn how Bespoke Innovations 3D Scanning Technology is changing the world of custom tailored prosthetics.
From Star Trek to Future Med, check out the new “tricorder” prototypes by MedSensation and Scanadu  – futuristic  devices that accurately measure body metrics and allow data to be transferred wirelessly.
Make DNA analysis and interpretation more accessible and less expensive by using the new DNA Guide Genome Browser for iPAD.
Turn your smartphone into a digital first aid kit with CellScope.
Learn how Ekso Bionics Exoskeletons can be used to augment human mobility and capability.
Check out Esteem, the world’s first and only fully implantable hearing restoration device that doesn’t rely on a microphone or speaker.
Take a look at GE Healthcare’s amazing Vscan, a pocket-sized visualization tool with ultrasound technology.
Check out the technology behind the Genome Compiler, the next generation of computer-aided design tools for synthetic biology.
Meet the folks at Health Tech Hatch, a company providing platforms for start-up fundraising, and usability feedback on healthcare concepts and prototypes.
Use Intellisenses innovative new technology to measure data, to video-document research, or to measure soft touch, pulse, and pressure metrics.Learn about the latest in Deep Infrared Thermography and its current use in the early diagnosis of breast cancer.
Try out “m3d”, an intuitive clinical and biomedical search engine, now being billed as the new “Google for Healthcare”
Monitor your fitness with Lark, Larklife, & Lark-Pro, three cutting edge wearable health and wellness tracking devices.
Be the first to view the next generation of Ultra-Thin Flexible Endoscopes created by Lightscan Technologies.
Sit up and take notice with LUMOback, the smart, wearable sensor and a mobile app that provides feedback on posture and movement.
Take a close look at CATRA, a low-cost, snap-on, mobile phone eyepiece that provides precise maps of cataracts in the eye. 
Make first response safer, more efficient, and cost-effective using the MEDIVIEW cloud-and-client platform
Use the BrainBot brainwave headset to literally read someone’s mind.Capture, compare, and share medical images for easy analysis using CaptureProof
Learn how CliniCast’s ARTO enables providers to improve outcomes and reduce costs through predictive analytics.
Manage your HR benefits more strategically using Benefitter Exchange 
Improve your health with Prevent  – an online program that uses digital tracking, personalized coaching, and social support to promote healthy behaviors.
Learn the many ways that Moxe Health aims to improve access to care for the underserved.
Learn how Neural ID’s Intelligent Waveform Service uses data pattern recognition to streamline and improve research.
Use OncoSec’s Medical Electroporation Device to specifically target cancer cells during chemo and immunotherapy
Size yourself up with Poikos, a smart-device technology that can quickly and accurately measure your body habitus. 
Think you have an idea that can change healthcare?  Meet the team of Rock Health, a business incubator company with a long, successful track record in nurturing Start-Up’s
Not sure that rash is serious?  Take a moment to consult Virtual Nurse, an interactive new age application that helps triage your need to see a doctor.
Check out the latest in remote vital signs monitoring using the  ViSi Mobile® System
Learn how researchers, providers, and payers use genomics to improve medical outcomes using the Discovery Biomedical Data Platform
Use Inside Tracker to identify the nutritional, supplemental, lifestyle, and exercise interventions most needed to improve your health
Give your patients a personalized medical video using Telesofia Medical, a platform aimed at increasing patient compliance and reducing health care costs
Sequence your microbiome using citizen science with uBiome.
Get the benefits of a two-hour workout in only 20 minutes with Vasper System’s SA-1Learn how the Due Date Plus mobile health platform is making pregnancy healthier, safer, and cheaper.