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Thursday, October 2, 2014

National Institutes of Health Informatics - Education Series Fall 2014

National Institutes of Health Informatics

Announcing eSafety Series: Ensuring the Safety of our eHealth Systems and Programs
eSafety Series
Ensuring the Safety of our eHealth Systems and Programs

November 19 & 26, 2014
Live, Interactive, Online Sessions - 12:00 -1:30 PM ET
A Joint COACH and NIHI Program
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Special Rates for COACH Members and NIHI Colleagues
Patient safety has become a major concern in health care. Key Institute of Medicine and Canadian reports starting as early as 1999, underscore the importance of being safety conscious and proactive in identifying safety risks in healthcare. Today’s eHealth systems are increasingly important in enabling improvements in patient safety, but they can also inadvertently introduce new risks into the healthcare environment.

This online program introduces the COACH eSafety Guidelines: a comprehensive resource for health information professionals and others with a responsibility to ensure that eHealth systems are built and operated in a manner that reduces the risk to patient safety. The Guidelines provide a sound basis for implementing an eSafety Management Program including the assessment of risks using the eHealth Safety Case.
Session 1: Introduction to eSafety & the eSafety Management Program - November 19, 2014
This session will provide a foundation for understanding the issues and opportunities for addressing safety issues in eHealth systems and cover the main steps in setting up an eSafety management program .

Session 2: The eSafety Case - November 26, 2014
This session will introduce the eHealth safety case. The safety case is the safety equivalent of the privacy impact assessment and threat and risk assessment.

Register for eSafety and get 25% off of the coilbound edition COACH eSafety Guidelines. Email Cheryl, ccornelio @ coachorg.com to arrange this discount.  Available only to eSafety session registrants until November 18.
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National Institutes of Health Informatics

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October 23, 30 & November 6, 2014
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November 13, 2014


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