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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Awesome Wearable Intelligence Google Glass in the ER Video


John Halamka posted this video on his blog about the Wearable Intelligence software using Google Glass technology for healthcare (ER). It is awesome to see this from a Health Informatics perspective. They are experimenting with Google Glass in their ER. I like that he said:

"After several months of testing, we have deployed the product to clinical providers in the ED and are completing the first IRB approved study (to our knowledge) of the technology’s impact on clinical medicine."

The devices using the Wearable Intelligence software are medical devices and need to be tested clinical and cleared by the IRB. Evaluating the efficacy and patient safety over a longer term will also be interesting. I wonder how how they designed the clinical trial methodologically.

One commenter on the blog post on their experience with the efficacy of Google Glass over EHR/EMR has an excellent article:

There are other stories on Google Glass I have picked up recently:



The International Association for Privacy Professionals had this news item posted:

Google Glass: Surgeon Saves Lives with It, Bar Bans It
Livestream has released its first piece of Glass software, PC Magazine reports, which allows users to tap the headset and say, “Okay Glass, Livestream,” and then livestream the event to viewers. Meanwhile, The Verge reports on the multitude of facial recognition apps on the market today, including “NameTag,” which links a user’s face to “a single, unified online presence.” And The New York Times reports on both the opportunities and the challenges inherent in Google Glass, with some welcoming the technology enthusiastically—such as one lung surgeon who recently used Glass to help perform a procedure—and others banning it entirely, such as one California nightclub.
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