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Friday, March 21, 2014

ImmunizeCA app helps people keep track of vaccinations

Ottawa Hospital researchers have developed a free app to help Canadians store, manage and access immunization information.
Dr. Kumanan Wilson of the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute said the ImmunizeCA app will also alert users if there's an issue in their area, such as the recent measles outbreak in Ottawa.

"So that would be in the outbreak section, they would see how close they are to the where the report is," he said.

"They could see if their family is up to date. They may say, 'Oh, time to get Johnny vaccinated. It's time to get catch up the vaccine.'"

The app is privacy-protected and not accessible to any health agency.
It's meant to empower people to control their own health by helping them keep track of when vaccinations, boosters and flu shots are due, Wilson said.

Wilson said the concept could also be reworked for similar public health applications.
"So another place I think it could be really helpful is in blood donations. And I think the blood donor app would be a really great idea to do booking online for their appointments, track donations, be notified when they can donate again," he said.

The Public Health Agency of Canada funded the app. It's available to residents in every province.

ImmunizeCA can be downloaded from iTunes, GooglePlay or BlackBerry World.