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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The eHealth Dimension of Elysium

I saw Elysium last night and wish to comment on my impressions. The movie was hilarious in some unexpected ways. The first was when power went out in the Cineplex theatre. Was this a local brownout or was the entire East coast of North America now in the dark. Sitting in a pitch black movie theatre with strangers all around makes you wonder. The usher announces a 5 minute power outage but not to leave our sits. Most of us are riveted in our seats anyway on a far distance world of the imagination on the screen. Lesson for ehealth - always have a backup power source for your data.  Movies these days are run on digital. There is no film "rewind". The usher asks us how far we have to back up before the movie stopped. The movie resumes. Ten minutes later the sound disappears but the movie still continues.

The audience is hilarious. Someone says he will be Matt Damon, and someone else the bad guy Kruger, who starts talking with the exact same accent. The movie stops, the usher enters again, and asks us when they should stop backing it up. Someone in the audience says when can we get a refund for this bullshit. It seems to be a general consensus. The film is ruined for many. Eventually the film starts up and it wasn't too far to the last scene. Leaving the theatre we all get courtesy tickets for a free film. Lesson for ehealth: engage your audience (users) with feedback.

No spoilers here - see the movie - it is chock-a-block with ehealth wonders.