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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Your smartphone will see you now - McLeans article on Tricorder

I have been looking for stories or updates on the Tricorder Xprize and have found a few updates here and there, but this one on the March issue of McLeans magazine just caught my attention. How could I, a member of the public, have missed it? I like the McLeans online version "View in Clean Reading Mode". Is that a hat tip to the smartphone too? Probably. Time to get one myself maybe. Anyway, no belly aching about that. And that reminds me about a conversation I had with a refugee from Ethiopia that other day. He is interested in starting "literacy" programs in Ethiopia/Eritrea. I asked him if it was true that everyone in Africa has a cellphone. He said yes it was true that everyone had a cellphone, but not bread. This article is one of those "must reads" for anyone who actually reads this blog.