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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Fitbit is quite a useful and potentially revolutionary device. When I was doing research for a computer science and software engineering paper, I was wondering how data from the fitbit could be wirelessly transmitted into personal health records, and stored in the HL7 standard. The problem is, there is a lot of data, so only certain trends need to be recorded. The other problem is how to program an XML or HL7 standard self-journalling area in the personal health record. I know the HL7 standards group is working on PHRs now, because I participated in one of their lunchtime teleconferences. I am not sure how this particular problem was addressed. This is one device the people in the self-tracking movement cannot afford to be without. In fact, they have latched on it, and the systems deployed with them and other similar devices they call "Health Mashups".